Data protection is a serious and complex topic. As technology evolves, we – Tenterden Schools Trust, the Data Controller – must enhance our policies and procedures to meet and exceed the expectations of the ICO and other parties involved in defining laws and regulations.
Tenterden Schools Trust relies on personal and sensitive data in order to provide world-class teaching and learning environment across all our schools. The data we collect is required by law or in the public interest, and occasionally we may also collect additional data where consent is given to further enhance the experience of our staff, students, parents, carers and the public.
More information on the types of data we collect, and why we collect it, can be found in our Privacy Policy.
We also in the process of building a list of Data Processors – third parties who we share our data with. This list can be found here.
This information will be updated in the future. When this happens, we will inform you if any significant changes are made to our policies and procedures that will affect you, or if we want to use your data in different ways.