Working at Home

Working at Home: Parent guide

All work is set via Google Classroom for which every student must use their SCHOOL email address (a private email address will not work – even if it is Gmail). Tasks may well require access to other websites and learning platforms – where this is the case links will be provided.

Further guidance is provided below. New work will be set on an ongoing basis so please ask students to revisit often and check inside each classroom – not just the home page. 

If students have completed all work set and require more, a range of general work tasks that students can use in relation to their studies have been provided via the following link:

Please note: only students can access the site using their Homewood google account.

What can I do to prepare for students working at home?
  • Make sure the school has your current email address.
  • Check and update other contact details
NOTE: All work is set via a student’s Google Classrooms.
  • Check your child is able to sign into Google using their school email account and password. This will be vital in accessing any work set by the school as well as communicating with students. Please see FAQs below for information on how to rest passwords if needed.
  • Check that your child can access each separate Google Classroom for every subject they study. If they need to join any missing classes, this can be done by emailing their teacher using their SCHOOL email address and requesting the code.
  • Check you can still access your guardian Google Classroom email summaries. These will help keep you informed of how much work is being set. If you have a Google account you can change the settings for this to provide daily or weekly updates. See the link below for further guidance:

  • If you need to sign up or change your email address for these, you will need to request an invite via email from your child’s form tutor or college office. You only need to sign up once to access information for all Google Classrooms.
  • NOTE: You will need to accept a separate invitation for each child.
  • If you have no access to the internet, contact your child’s college office for further guidance.
Other things you could consider:
  • Having a supply of paper and other stationary including pens, pencils etc.
  • Try to ensure that students have a space at home that they can work.
  • Making sure there is plenty of relevant reading material available
Years 11 & 13

With the impact of school closure and a change to the way in which external exam grades will be awarded it is necessary to re-think how work can be set to support students in Years 10 to 13 prepare for the next phase of their education whether at Homewood or beyond. Teachers will be setting work using the guidance below to support them in completing work that is both useful and relevant:

  • There are five key principles that should govern the setting of work for these two Year groups
  • Producing and collating evidence of work to support assessment decisions.
  • Preparation for “appeal exams” in September
  • Development of core literacy & numeracy skills
  • Preparing for the immediate future
  • Careers planning

You can keep up to date with the latest news on the OFQUAL Website.

Working at Home – FAQs

Where can I find the latest information?

Check the SCHOOL WEBSITE for the latest updates.

Will work be set for my child if they have to stay at home?

Yes, work will be set work for all students and will always be done through GOOGLE CLASSROOM. More work will be set as time goes on but as a starting point there are work packs available for all students HERE


If my child has done all the work set, what else could they do to continue learning whilst the school is closed?

It is important to check that work has been completed fully and thoroughly to the very best of their ability. Work should not simply be rushed through so that they can say it has been done. This may mean going through work to add more details, reading through work to check for accuracy or re-drafting a first attempt to improve the quality of a piece of work.

In addition to the specific work set for each subject, all students have access to a Google Website that provides a range of useful learning tasks to engage in. These are organised by year group and subject. You can only access this site by logging in with a school account. As with Google Classrooms, this cannot be accessed by any other means.

Other useful educational activities include:

  • Reading – ideally set works or texts but reading novels or other suitable materials such as age appropriate subject journals or research materials is always a good use of time.
  • Research into different careers
  • Re-reading notes on topics covered so far to make sure learning is secure.
  • Completing any incomplete work due to previous absence.
  • Extended use of on-line learning platforms such as:
  • Maths Watch – All students already have logins.
  • Educake (Science) – All students already have logins.
  • SENECA Learning – There are a range of courses available for improving literacy here for Year 7 and 8 students.
  • Classoos – all students have access to a wide variety of e-textbooks they can view online. They login with their school username and password by selecting ‘login with google’.
  • Some active exercise is also to be encouraged.

My child cannot sign into Google – how can they resolve this?

Please note that only school addresses can be used to access the School’s Google domain – private Gmail addresses will not work. All students have been provided with a school email address and a password for Google. If they have forgotten their password, please email the school using the address below from a parental email address already registered with the school. We need this in order to verify that it is you.

Email support:

If my child is ill, do they need to complete the work?

We would expect all students to complete work at home if they are healthy enough to have come to school under normal circumstances.

Is my child expected to work during school holidays?

As a general rule, additional work will not be set over the holiday period. However, some may wish to use this time to catch up on tasks already set or finish incomplete work.

My child can sign into Google but cannot access a particular Google Classroom – how do they do this?

Students can do this by emailing their teacher using their SCHOOL email address and requesting the code.

How can I check that work is set?

The best way to do this is to sign up for Guardian email summaries from Google Classroom (See below for further details.) Your child’s google calendar also shows all work set where deadlines have been provided.

I am not receiving Google Classroom email summaries – how can I get these?

If you need to sign up or change your email address for these, you will need to request an invite via email from your child’s form tutor or college office. You only need to sign up once to access information for all Google Classrooms for each student. However, you will need to accept a separate invitation for each child.

My guardian summary tells me that there is a lot of work missing.

This could be for one of three reasons:

  • Work has been completed but submitted via email. This work will not be shown as completed. All work must be submitted using the correct assignment page in Google Classroom.
  • Students have not clicked the “turned in” button when handing in assignments. It is vital they do this when work is completed and handed in.
  • You have been told by your child (and yes, it has been known) that they have completed work when they haven’t. From time to time it is worth asking to see the work they have done to be sure.

My child has a question about their work – can they ask for help from home?

Students can message their teachers but this MUST be done directly through the Google Classroom platform. Email must not be used for this purpose as teachers cannot keep track of comments or replies to messages sent this way.