Staff List

NameType of GovernorLink GovernorEnd of Term of Office
Mr Timothy BartonParentSENSept 2019
Mr Jonathan CapstickParentParent CommunicationDec 2021
Mrs Gillian Guthrie – ChairCommunitySafeguarding / Pupil PremiumSept 2019
Mrs Louise JenningsParentStudent & Staff Well beingDec 2021
Mrs Sally LeesHead TeacherAll – Principal 
Mrs Sue MashPartnershipChild in CareOct  2019
Ms Shabana RamanStaffAssessmentOct 2021
Mrs Jane Ross-SmithStaffSixth Form & I-College & CIAEGSept 2019
Ms Kate SmithParentAssessment / AttendanceSept 2019
To contact the Chair of Governors, please email Mrs Karen Douglas – Clerk to the Governors.



Governor Name Term of Office and Appointing Body Attendance at LGB meetings 2017/18 Declaration of Business Interests Any other educational establishments governed Relationship with Trust staff, including spouse, partners or relatives. Date decl. signed
Timothy Barton 01/9/15 – 31/08/19 Parent election 5 of 7 None to be declared None None 06/09/17
Jonathan Capstick 01/12/17 – 31/11/21 Parent election 3 of 5 None to be declared None None 18/12/17
Gillian Guthrie 01/09/15 – 31/08/19 Governing Board 5 of 7 None to be declared None None 06/09/17
Louise Jennings 01/12/17 – 31/11/21 Parent election 4 of 5 None to be declared None None 18/12/17
Sally Lees Principal Ex-Officio 7 of 7 None to be declared CEO of Tenterden Schools Trust None 06/09/17
Sue Mash 1/10/15 – 31/09/19 Governing Board 5 of 7 None to be declared None None 06/09/17
Shabana Raman 01/10/17 – 31/09/19 Teaching staff 5 of 6 None to be declared None None 30/10/17
Jane Ross-Smith 01/09/15 – 31/08/19 Non-teaching staff 7 of 7 None to be declared None None 06/09/17
Kate Smith Chair 01/09/15 – 31/08/19 Parent electionf 6 of 7 None to be declared Director on Tenterden Schools Trust Board None 06/09/17

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre Staff

PrincipalMrs S Lees MA (Oxon) PGCE NPQH
Head of Administration & PA to the PrincipalMrs D Faulkner MCMI
Vice Principal StudentsMrs S King BA Hons with QTS, NPQH
Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards LeaderMr S Pusey G.G.S.M. PGCE NPQH
Finance DirectorMr M Seymour ACIB, FNASBM, Post Grad Ops Mgmt (Warwick)


Assistant Vice Principal & Head of College Mrs H Jones BSc Hons (Bangor) PGCE (Bristol)
Assistant Head of College Mrs F Osborne BA Hons (Kent)
College Co-ordinator Mrs K Fensome
Family Liaison Officer Mrs A Price
Principal Teacher Geography Mrs R Bennett BSc Hons (Portsmouth) PGCE
Miss K Barnes BA Hons (Plymouth) PGCE
Miss S Britland BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE
Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator Geography Mrs C Urquhart BA Hons (Nottingham) PGCE (maternity)
Principal Teacher History Mr S Simpson BA Hons (Edge Hill) PGCE
KS4 Co-ordinator for History Mr S Phillips BA Hons (London) PGCE
Mr D Pearson BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
Modern Languages
Principal Teacher MFL Mr P Cafferty BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
Miss A Boehm BA Hons (London) QTS
Miss S Brandicourt MA (Bourgogne) PGCE
Assistant Principal Teacher KS4 and KS5 Mrs J Harvey BA Hons (Bradford) PGCE
Miss V Roberts BA Hons (Chester) PGCE
Co-ordinator of Mandarin Expansion Programme Miss Y Tang MA (Portsmouth) PGCE
Hanban Chinese Teacher Miss L Lou
Foreign Language Assistants Miss M Bourdeau
Mr C Schneeweiss
Ethical & Religious Education & Citizenship
Principal Teacher of ERS & 6th Form Subjects Mr S Goffredi BA Hons (Keele) PGCE MCMI
Ms M Reynolds (Canterbury) PGCE
Teacher of Sociology Mr J R Crittell BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE
Programme Leader of IBCP Mrs P Thornton BA Hons (Kent) PGCE MA (Keele)
Leading Practitioner and Principal Teacher Science Mrs C Gaygan MA BSc Hons (Greenwich) PGCE
Leading Practitioner and Principal Teacher Science Miss M Conlin MA BSc Hons (OU) PGCE
Ms E Dugova MA (Bratislavia) QTS
Mrs G Easom BSc Hons (CCCU) GTP
Co-ordinator KS4 Science Mr G Hunter BSc Hons (London) QTS
Co-ordinator STEM Mrs L Johnstone BSc Hons (Lancashire) PGCE
Miss J Ludley BSc Hons (Southampton) QTS
Dr L Roberts MA Hons EngD (Surrey) PGCE
Co-ordinator KS5 Science and Manager of Duke of Edinburgh Mr D Shepherd BSc Hons (Canterbury) PGCE
Teacher Researcher Dr C Tyson BEd Hons (Exeter) PhD
Mrs K Van der Westhuizen BSc (Kwazulu-Natal) PGCE (maternity)
Co-ordinator of KS4 Science Mr C Wheeler BSc Hons (Roehampton) PGCE
Leading Practitioner Mr G Wilson BSc Hons (Dundee) PGCE
HLTA Science Mrs A Rowe
Mrs N Nye (Maternity)
Lead Science Technician Mr L Lawrence
Assistant to Lead Science Technician Mrs J Lipscombe
Science Technicians Miss R Christmas BA Hons (OU)
Mrs M Cox BSc Hons (UMIST)
Mrs N Goodman

Enterprise College

Director of Student Development and Head of College

Mr D Bailey BSc (Kent) PGCE

Assistant Head of College

Mrs K Adams

College Co-ordinator

Mrs D Elliott

Family Liaison Officer and Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing

Mrs W Brown


Director of I-College

Mrs K Farrell BA Hons (Brunel) PGCE

Principal Teacher Business

Mrs C Cox BSc (London) QTS

Assistant Principal Teacher Business

Mrs S Adams BA Hons (Kent) PGCE


Mr E Lloyd PGCE


Mr C Lowe BA Hons (London) PGCE


Mrs M Roberts BSc Hons (Harper Adams) PGCE

HLTA I-College

Mrs J Keeler

Applied Learning

Principal TeacherMrs K Dowdell BA Hons (Open) Cert Ed (Greenwich) QTLS CIBTAC, ICAA, IIHHT, MlfL,
 Miss R Fagg BSc Hons (Kent) PGCE
Vocational Tutor BeautyMrs N Norris DTLLS (CCCUC), QTLS, CIBTAC, IHBC, IIHHT, MlfL,
Assistant Principal Teacher Work RelatedMrs S English
Learning & Lead Tutor of Vocational Catering 
Teacher of Vocational CateringMr S Crowder
Teacher of Construction

Mr P Sullivan CertEd (London)

Health & Social Care

Principal Teacher Health and Social CareMrs D Bailey BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE
Assistant Principle Teacher Raising Achievement in 6th FormMiss K Dungate BA Hons (Kent) PGCE


Principal TeacherMr D Lintern BA Hons (East Anglia) PGCE
Assistant Principal TeacherMr J Mills BSc Hons (Manchester) PGCE
 Mr A Bodle BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE
 Mr T Cheong BSc Hons (London) PGCE

Principal Teacher I College

Miss R Holkham BSc Hons (Brighton) QTS
 KS5 Co-ordinator MathematicsMr D Osborne BSc Hons (Cardiff) PGCE
 Leading PractitionerMr C Priest LLB Hons QTS
 Miss A Rowe BA Hons (Greenwich) QTS
 Mr C Sutton BSc Hons (OU) PGCE
 Mrs M Welch BSc Hons (Exeter) PGCE
 Mrs L Watts LLB (Luton)

Information & Communications Technology

Principal Teacher ICT and Computing

Mrs S Anderson (Sunderland) PGCE


Mr D Forsyth BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE

KS4 Co-ordinator ICT and Computer Science

Mr B Pritchard BA Hons (Lincoln) PGCE

Arts College

Head of College and Director of Staff DevelopmentMr P Hanson BA Hons (CCCUC) MA PGCE
Assistant Head of CollegeMiss C Thorp
Assistant Head of CollegeMiss A Jones BA Hons (Liverpool) PGCE
College Co-ordinator & D of EMrs K Malaugh
Family Liaison OfficerMrs S Crawford


Leading Practitioner and Principal TeacherMrs S Watson BA Hons (Nottingham) PGCE
Assistant Principal TeacherMrs T Davison BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE
 Mr P Ballard MA (London) BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE
 Miss C Corcoran BA Hons (Galway)
 KS3 Co-ordinator EnglishMiss A O’Brien BA Hons (CCCU) QTS
 Miss D Chende BA (Romania) GTP
 KS5 Co-ordinator EnglishMrs H Headley-Read BA Hons (Winchester) PGCE
 Miss A Jones BA Hons (Liverpool) PGCE
 Mr I Kelly BA Hons (Carlow) QTS
 Ms L Lee BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
 Ms G Ploszajski BA Hons (Durham) GTP
 Mr S Ridgway BA Hons (Reading) PGCE

Mrs S Stevens BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE

 Mrs E White BA Hons (Kent) PGCE

Performing Arts

Principal Teacher DramaMs Y Snow BA Hons (CCCUC) PGCE
Head of Performing ArtsMrs N Fullerton BA Hons (Canterbury) Nat Dip (Perf Arts) GTP
 Mr P Franczak BA Hons (Reading) PGCE
Principal Teacher DanceMiss E Harris BA Hons (Chichester) PGCE
 Mrs S Andrews BA Hons with QTS (Brighton)
Assistant Principal Teacher MusicMrs S King BA Hons (Colchester) GTP
 Mrs E Benedict BEd (Royal Conservatoire Scotland)
Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards Leader


Theatre Bookings Manager

Mrs J Mander

Technical DirectorMr S Town
Music and Theatre TechnicianMr D Curtis
Box OfficeMrs D Lindsay

Art & Design & Technology

Principal Teacher

Miss J Rickard BA Hons (De Montfort) PGCE

Co-ordinator KS4 and KS5 Graphics

Mr M Davies BS Hons (Bath) PGCE

Photography and Graphics

Miss A Hancock BA Hons (Coventry) MA (Canterbury) PGCE QTS


Miss L James BA Hons PGCE


Mr G Matthews Crow BA Hons (Middlesex) PGCE

Co-ordinator Textiles and Community Links in Art & Design & Technology

Mrs G Parry BA Hons (Cleveland) PGCE


Miss S Wheeler BA Hons (Southampton) PGCE


Miss C Wood BA Hons (OU) PGCE

HLTA Art & Design & Technology

Mrs S Bainton-Ruegg

Senior Technical Support

Ms C Tindall BA Hons (London)

Technical Support

Mr G Coleman BA Hons (Kent)

Media & Film Studies

Assistant Principal Teacher (Media Studies)

Mr A Cox BA Hons (Open) QTS


Mrs C Hanson BA Hons (CCCUC) QTS

Physical Education

Principal Teacher PE

Ms N Bulless BA Hons (Kent) PGCE


Mr L Cobley BA Hones (Brighton) QTS

Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator for P.E.

Mr J R Crittell BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE


Miss T Jarvis BA Hons (Chichester) PGCE

Co-ordinator of Core P.E.

Miss S Kennett (Brighton) PGCE

Principal Teacher P.S.H.R.E and Citizenship

Mrs C Piper BSc Hons (Bangor) PGCE

Discovery College

Assistant Vice Principal Teaching and Learning and Head of Discovery CollegeMr A Lawson BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE
Assistant Head of CollegeMiss M Croucher
KS3 Early Intervention OfficerMrs I Whelan BSc (Hons) (CCCU)
Senior College Co-ordinatorMrs S Sivyer
Senior Family Liaison OfficerMiss S Faulkner BA Hons (Soton)
Family Liaison OfficerMrs M Spackman
 Mrs S Taberer
Principal Teacher DiscoveryMr M Nisbet BA Hons (Exeter) PGCE
Co-ordinator Project Based LearningMr R Friel BSc Hons (Lancaster) GTP
Co-ordinator of ERSMrs E Cook BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE
Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator MFLMiss E Paviot BSc Hons (Plymouth) PGCE
 Mrs A Finch BA Hons (Middlesex) PGCE
Co-ordinator of KS3 Science 0.6fteMrs C Falder BSc Hons (Kent) GTP
Co-ordinator of KS3 Science 0.4fteMiss L Delgado BSc Hons (Kent) MSc (Bradford) PGCE
Co-ordinator of Virtual LearningMr P Sparks BSc Hons (Kent) GTP
Co-ordinator KS3 MathematicsMrs D Lee BA Hons (Canterbury) GTP
Teacher of MathematicsMiss F Crawford BSc (OU) GTP
Co-ordinator Grammar StreamMiss S Raman BBA (IUA) PGCE
Teacher of EnglishMrs J Wickham BA Hons (Newcastle) MA (CCCU) PGCE
Teacher of DanceMs A Francis BA Hons (Kent) (GTP)
Co-ordinator of Strategic EngagementMrs H Hayes
Admissions Officer and Discovery AdministratorMs L Castle


Director of I-CollegeMrs K Farrell BA Hons (Brunel) PGCE
Principal Teacher I CollegeMiss R Holkham BSc Hons (Brighton) QTS
HLTA I-CollegeMrs J Keeler

Sixth Form

Director of Sixth FormMr G Mills BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
Principal Teacher Sixth FormMr B Harper BA Hons with QTS (Brighton)
Administrative AssistantsMrs S Oven
 Mrs E Rousseau
Careers AdvisorMrs B Srinivasan BSc Hons (Bradford)
Work Placement and Information and Guidance Co-ordinatorVacant
Family Liaison OfficerMs C Hussey

Extended Services

Farm Education Manager

Miss L Hameed

Farm Education Assistant

Miss S Dean

Life Centre

Director of Behaviour ManagementMr G O’Sullivan BSc Hons PhD, PGCE, C Geog NPQH
Life Centre ManagerMrs S Sowten
Learning MentorMr D Faulkner
Alternative Curriculum CoachMiss J Baskeyfield BA Hons (Falford)
Inclusion AdministratorMs C Mills

Learning Support

Director of Learning SupportMiss L Stephen BA Hons (Sussex) MA (Durham) PGCE SEN (Chichester)
Assistant SENCOMiss M Law
Administrative Assistant SENMrs R Gerbozy
Teacher Key SkillsMr S Crawford BEd (Hons) (Bangor) MA (Liverpool)
HLTA SENMrs D Bridger
HLTA Key SkillsMrs I Gray
HLTA Key SkillsMrs R Layzell
HLTA SEN (English)Miss K Croft
HLTA (Literacy)Mrs P Russell
HLTA CIC/EALMrs S Eade BA Hons (Thames Valley)
HLTA Communication and InteractionMrs J Snelling
Learning Support Assistant (Maths)Miss S Ruthen
Learning Support AssistantsMr T Betteridge BA Hons (OU) Cert Ed
 Mrs S Oldrey
 Mrs P Wright

Associate Staff

Head of Administration & PA to the PrincipalMrs D Faulkner MCMI
Facilities and Services AdministratorMiss P Dodd
Finance DirectorMr M Seymour ACIB, FNASBM, Post Grad Ops Mgmt (Warwick)
Business Development ManagerMrs A Miles
Senior Finance OfficerMr M Macey BA (Thames)
Payroll ManagerMrs L Croucher
Finance OfficerMrs K Apps
Finance ApprenticeMrs E Clarke
Human Resources ManagerMrs N Callingham Assoc CIPD
Senior Human Resources OfficerMrs K Nicholls
Human Resources ApprenticeVacant
Data Manager and Clerk to the GovernorsMrs K Douglas
Data Protection ManagerMrs S Marsh
Cover and Inclusion ManagerMs S Dale CMIOSH ACIEH
Study ManagersMrs M Marchetti
 Mrs H Rummery

Curriculum Support

Examinations Manager

Mrs J Jupp

Curriculum Administrator

Mrs N Badham

Student Services Officer

Ms S Pattenden

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Mrs K Taylor

Attendance Officer KS3 & KS4

Mr D Lee

CAF Co-ordinator

Mrs J Ross-Smith


Mrs N Adams

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss V English

School Counsellor

Mrs L Janion  BACP, BA Hons (Luton) Ad Dip


School Receptionist

Mrs S Phillips

Knowledge Information Communication Centre

KICC Manager

Miss D Haywood

KICC Co-ordinators

Mrs S Ellis


Mrs K Trapp


Learning Systems Manager

Mr M Vincer

System Administrator

Mr M Lee

Helpdesk Manager

Mr L Welsh

Web Designer

Mr T Mitchell

 ICT Technician

Mr M Green

 ICT Technician

Mr L Knight

ICT Apprentice

Mr R Webb

Media Centre

Media and E-Learning Manager

Mrs S Williams

Media Centre and Communications Assistant

Miss C Douglas BA Hons (OU)

Media Centre Technician

Mr C Pierce

Uniform Shop

Retail Services Manager

Mrs J Ali

Caretaking Staff

Facilities ManagerMr V Riedy MBIFM, IOSH, ACIPS
Assistant CaretakerMr J Dunster
Assistant Caretaker/Crossing PatrolMr J Fillery
Evening CaretakersMr J Farrell
 Mr C Sargeant
Assistant Caretaker/MaintenanceMr D Faulkner
Assistant Maintenance TechniciansMr J Bannister
 Mr D Duke
Site TechniciansMr B Croucher
 Mr A Brown
CaretakerMr J Catt

Ground Staff

Grounds personMr S Brown