Staff & School Governors List

NameType of GovernorLink GovernorEnd of Term of Office
Mr Timothy BartonParentSENSept 2019
Mr Jonathan CapstickParentParent CommunicationDec 2021
Mrs Gillian Guthrie – ChairCommunitySafeguarding / Pupil PremiumSept 2019
Mrs Louise JenningsParentStudent & Staff Well beingDec 2021
Mrs Sally LeesHead TeacherAll – Principal 
Mrs Sue MashPartnership Oct  2019
Ms Shabana RamanStaffAssessmentOct 2021
Mrs Jane Ross-SmithStaffSixth Form & I-College & CIAEGSept 2019
Ms Kate SmithParentAssessment / AttendanceSept 2019
To contact the Chair of Governors, please email Mrs Karen Douglas – Clerk to the Governors.

Homewood School Governing Body – Register of Business Interests September 2018

Name of GovernorTypeDeclared business interestsDate of Declaration
Timothy BartonParentNo declarations to be declared.Sept 2018
Jonathan CapstickParentNo declarations to be declaredSept 2018
Gillian GuthrieCommunityNo declarations to be declared.Sept 2018
Louise JenningsParentNo declarations to be declaredSept 2018
Sally LeesStaff -PrincipalNo declarations to be declared.Sept 2018
Sue MashPartnershipNo declarations to be declared.Sept 2018
Shabana RamanStaff – TeachingNo declarations to be declaredSept 2018
Jane Ross-SmithStaff – Non TeachingNo declarations to be declared.Sept 2018
Kate SmithParentNo declarations to be declared.Sept 2018

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre Staff

PrincipalMrs S Lees MA (Oxon) PGCE NPQH
Head of Administration & PA to the PrincipalMrs D Faulkner MCMI
Vice Principal StudentsMrs S King BA Hons with QTS, NPQH
Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards LeaderMr S Pusey G.G.S.M. PGCE NPQH
Finance DirectorMr M Seymour ACIB, FNASBM, Post Grad Ops Mgmt (Warwick)


Assistant Vice Principal & Head of College Mrs H Jones BSc Hons (Bangor) PGCE (Bristol)
Assistant Head of College Mrs F Osborne BA Hons (Kent)
College Co-ordinator Mrs K Fensome
Family Liaison Officer Mrs A Price
Principal Teacher Geography Mrs R Bennett BSc Hons (Portsmouth) PGCE
Miss K Barnes BA Hons (Plymouth) PGCE
Miss S Britland BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE
Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator Geography Mrs C Urquhart BA Hons (Nottingham) PGCE (maternity)
Principal Teacher History Mr S Simpson BA Hons (Edge Hill) PGCE
KS4 Co-ordinator for History Mr S Phillips BA Hons (London) PGCE
Mr D Pearson BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
Modern Languages
Principal Teacher MFL Mr P Cafferty BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
Miss A Boehm BA Hons (London) QTS
Miss S Brandicourt MA (Bourgogne) PGCE
Assistant Principal Teacher KS4 and KS5 Mrs J Harvey BA Hons (Bradford) PGCE
Miss V Roberts BA Hons (Chester) PGCE
Co-ordinator of Mandarin Expansion Programme Miss Y Tang MA (Portsmouth) PGCE
Hanban Chinese Teacher Miss L Lou
Foreign Language Assistants Miss M Bourdeau
Mr C Schneeweiss
Ethical & Religious Education & Citizenship
Principal Teacher of ERS & 6th Form Subjects Mr S Goffredi BA Hons (Keele) PGCE MCMI
Ms M Reynolds (Canterbury) PGCE
Teacher of Sociology Mr J R Crittell BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE
Programme Leader of IBCP Mrs P Thornton BA Hons (Kent) PGCE MA (Keele)
Leading Practitioner and Principal Teacher Science Mrs C Gaygan MA BSc Hons (Greenwich) PGCE
Leading Practitioner and Principal Teacher Science Miss M Conlin MA BSc Hons (OU) PGCE
Ms E Dugova MA (Bratislavia) QTS
Mrs G Easom BSc Hons (CCCU) GTP
Co-ordinator KS4 Science Mr G Hunter BSc Hons (London) QTS
Co-ordinator STEM Mrs L Johnstone BSc Hons (Lancashire) PGCE
Miss J Ludley BSc Hons (Southampton) QTS
Dr L Roberts MA Hons EngD (Surrey) PGCE
Co-ordinator KS5 Science and Manager of Duke of Edinburgh Mr D Shepherd BSc Hons (Canterbury) PGCE
Teacher Researcher Dr C Tyson BEd Hons (Exeter) PhD
Mrs K Van der Westhuizen BSc (Kwazulu-Natal) PGCE (maternity)
Co-ordinator of KS4 Science Mr C Wheeler BSc Hons (Roehampton) PGCE
Leading Practitioner Mr G Wilson BSc Hons (Dundee) PGCE
HLTA Science Mrs A Rowe
Mrs N Nye (Maternity)
Lead Science Technician Mr L Lawrence
Assistant to Lead Science Technician Mrs J Lipscombe
Science Technicians Miss R Christmas BA Hons (OU)
Mrs M Cox BSc Hons (UMIST)
Mrs N Goodman

Enterprise College

Director of Student Development and Head of College

Mr D Bailey BSc (Kent) PGCE

Assistant Head of College

Mrs K Adams

College Co-ordinator

Mrs D Elliott

Family Liaison Officer and Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing

Mrs W Brown


Director of I-College

Mrs K Farrell BA Hons (Brunel) PGCE

Principal Teacher Business

Mrs C Cox BSc (London) QTS

Assistant Principal Teacher Business

Mrs S Adams BA Hons (Kent) PGCE


Mr E Lloyd PGCE


Mr C Lowe BA Hons (London) PGCE


Mrs M Roberts BSc Hons (Harper Adams) PGCE

HLTA I-College

Mrs J Keeler

Applied Learning

Principal TeacherMrs K Dowdell BA Hons (Open) Cert Ed (Greenwich) QTLS CIBTAC, ICAA, IIHHT, MlfL,
 Miss R Fagg BSc Hons (Kent) PGCE
Vocational Tutor BeautyMrs N Norris DTLLS (CCCUC), QTLS, CIBTAC, IHBC, IIHHT, MlfL,
Assistant Principal Teacher Work RelatedMrs S English
Learning & Lead Tutor of Vocational Catering 
Teacher of Vocational CateringMr S Crowder
Teacher of Construction

Mr P Sullivan CertEd (London)

Health & Social Care

Principal Teacher Health and Social CareMrs D Bailey BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE
Assistant Principle Teacher Raising Achievement in 6th FormMiss K Dungate BA Hons (Kent) PGCE


Principal TeacherMr D Lintern BA Hons (East Anglia) PGCE
Assistant Principal TeacherMr J Mills BSc Hons (Manchester) PGCE
 Mr A Bodle BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE
 Mr T Cheong BSc Hons (London) PGCE

Principal Teacher I College

Miss R Holkham BSc Hons (Brighton) QTS
 KS5 Co-ordinator MathematicsMr D Osborne BSc Hons (Cardiff) PGCE
 Leading PractitionerMr C Priest LLB Hons QTS
 Miss A Rowe BA Hons (Greenwich) QTS
 Mr C Sutton BSc Hons (OU) PGCE
 Mrs M Welch BSc Hons (Exeter) PGCE
 Mrs L Watts LLB (Luton)

Information & Communications Technology

Principal Teacher ICT and Computing

Mrs S Anderson (Sunderland) PGCE


Mr D Forsyth BSc Hons (CCCU) PGCE

KS4 Co-ordinator ICT and Computer Science

Mr B Pritchard BA Hons (Lincoln) PGCE

Arts College

Head of College and Director of Staff DevelopmentMr P Hanson BA Hons (CCCUC) MA PGCE
Assistant Head of CollegeMiss C Thorp
Assistant Head of CollegeMiss A Jones BA Hons (Liverpool) PGCE
College Co-ordinator & D of EMrs K Malaugh
Family Liaison OfficerMrs S Crawford


Leading Practitioner and Principal TeacherMrs S Watson BA Hons (Nottingham) PGCE
Assistant Principal TeacherMrs T Davison BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE
 Mr P Ballard MA (London) BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE
 Miss C Corcoran BA Hons (Galway)
 KS3 Co-ordinator EnglishMiss A O’Brien BA Hons (CCCU) QTS
 Miss D Chende BA (Romania) GTP
 KS5 Co-ordinator EnglishMrs H Headley-Read BA Hons (Winchester) PGCE
 Miss A Jones BA Hons (Liverpool) PGCE
 Mr I Kelly BA Hons (Carlow) QTS
 Ms L Lee BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
 Ms G Ploszajski BA Hons (Durham) GTP
 Mr S Ridgway BA Hons (Reading) PGCE

Mrs S Stevens BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE

 Mrs E White BA Hons (Kent) PGCE

Performing Arts

Principal Teacher DramaMs Y Snow BA Hons (CCCUC) PGCE
Head of Performing ArtsMrs N Fullerton BA Hons (Canterbury) Nat Dip (Perf Arts) GTP
 Mr P Franczak BA Hons (Reading) PGCE
Principal Teacher DanceMiss E Harris BA Hons (Chichester) PGCE
 Mrs S Andrews BA Hons with QTS (Brighton)
Assistant Principal Teacher MusicMrs S King BA Hons (Colchester) GTP
 Mrs E Benedict BEd (Royal Conservatoire Scotland)
Vice Principal Curriculum and Standards Leader


Theatre Bookings Manager

Mrs J Mander

Technical DirectorMr S Town
Music and Theatre TechnicianMr D Curtis
Box OfficeMrs D Lindsay

Art & Design & Technology

Principal Teacher

Miss J Rickard BA Hons (De Montfort) PGCE

Co-ordinator KS4 and KS5 Graphics

Mr M Davies BS Hons (Bath) PGCE

Photography and Graphics

Miss A Hancock BA Hons (Coventry) MA (Canterbury) PGCE QTS


Miss L James BA Hons PGCE


Mr G Matthews Crow BA Hons (Middlesex) PGCE

Co-ordinator Textiles and Community Links in Art & Design & Technology

Mrs G Parry BA Hons (Cleveland) PGCE


Miss S Wheeler BA Hons (Southampton) PGCE


Miss C Wood BA Hons (OU) PGCE

HLTA Art & Design & Technology

Mrs S Bainton-Ruegg

Senior Technical Support

Ms C Tindall BA Hons (London)

Technical Support

Mr G Coleman BA Hons (Kent)

Media & Film Studies

Assistant Principal Teacher (Media Studies)

Mr A Cox BA Hons (Open) QTS


Mrs C Hanson BA Hons (CCCUC) QTS

Physical Education

Principal Teacher PE

Ms N Bulless BA Hons (Kent) PGCE


Mr L Cobley BA Hones (Brighton) QTS

Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator for P.E.

Mr J R Crittell BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE


Miss T Jarvis BA Hons (Chichester) PGCE

Co-ordinator of Core P.E.

Miss S Kennett (Brighton) PGCE

Principal Teacher P.S.H.R.E and Citizenship

Mrs C Piper BSc Hons (Bangor) PGCE

Discovery College

Assistant Vice Principal Teaching and Learning and Head of Discovery CollegeMr A Lawson BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE
Assistant Head of CollegeMiss M Croucher
KS3 Early Intervention OfficerMrs I Whelan BSc (Hons) (CCCU)
Senior College Co-ordinatorMrs S Sivyer
Senior Family Liaison OfficerMiss S Faulkner BA Hons (Soton)
Family Liaison OfficerMrs M Spackman
 Mrs S Taberer
Principal Teacher DiscoveryMr M Nisbet BA Hons (Exeter) PGCE
Co-ordinator Project Based LearningMr R Friel BSc Hons (Lancaster) GTP
Co-ordinator of ERSMrs E Cook BA Hons (CCCU) PGCE
Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator MFLMiss E Paviot BSc Hons (Plymouth) PGCE
 Mrs A Finch BA Hons (Middlesex) PGCE
Co-ordinator of KS3 Science 0.6fteMrs C Falder BSc Hons (Kent) GTP
Co-ordinator of KS3 Science 0.4fteMiss L Delgado BSc Hons (Kent) MSc (Bradford) PGCE
Co-ordinator of Virtual LearningMr P Sparks BSc Hons (Kent) GTP
Co-ordinator KS3 MathematicsMrs D Lee BA Hons (Canterbury) GTP
Teacher of MathematicsMiss F Crawford BSc (OU) GTP
Co-ordinator Grammar StreamMiss S Raman BBA (IUA) PGCE
Teacher of EnglishMrs J Wickham BA Hons (Newcastle) MA (CCCU) PGCE
Teacher of DanceMs A Francis BA Hons (Kent) (GTP)
Co-ordinator of Strategic EngagementMrs H Hayes
Admissions Officer and Discovery AdministratorMs L Castle


Director of I-CollegeMrs K Farrell BA Hons (Brunel) PGCE
Principal Teacher I CollegeMiss R Holkham BSc Hons (Brighton) QTS
HLTA I-CollegeMrs J Keeler

Sixth Form

Director of Sixth FormMr G Mills BA Hons (Kent) PGCE
Principal Teacher Sixth FormMr B Harper BA Hons with QTS (Brighton)
Administrative AssistantsMrs S Oven
 Mrs E Rousseau
Careers AdvisorMrs B Srinivasan BSc Hons (Bradford)
Work Placement and Information and Guidance Co-ordinatorVacant
Family Liaison OfficerMs C Hussey

Extended Services

Farm Education Manager

Miss L Hameed

Farm Education Assistant

Miss S Dean

Life Centre

Director of Behaviour ManagementMr G O’Sullivan BSc Hons PhD, PGCE, C Geog NPQH
Life Centre ManagerMrs S Sowten
Learning MentorMr D Faulkner
Alternative Curriculum CoachMiss J Baskeyfield BA Hons (Falford)
Inclusion AdministratorMs C Mills

Learning Support

Director of Learning SupportMiss L Stephen BA Hons (Sussex) MA (Durham) PGCE SEN (Chichester)
Assistant SENCOMiss M Law
Administrative Assistant SENMrs R Gerbozy
Teacher Key SkillsMr S Crawford BEd (Hons) (Bangor) MA (Liverpool)
HLTA SENMrs D Bridger
HLTA Key SkillsMrs I Gray
HLTA Key SkillsMrs R Layzell
HLTA SEN (English)Miss K Croft
HLTA (Literacy)Mrs P Russell
HLTA CIC/EALMrs S Eade BA Hons (Thames Valley)
HLTA Communication and InteractionMrs J Snelling
Learning Support Assistant (Maths)Miss S Ruthen
Learning Support AssistantsMr T Betteridge BA Hons (OU) Cert Ed
 Mrs S Oldrey
 Mrs P Wright

Associate Staff

Head of Administration & PA to the PrincipalMrs D Faulkner MCMI
Facilities and Services AdministratorMiss P Dodd
Finance DirectorMr M Seymour ACIB, FNASBM, Post Grad Ops Mgmt (Warwick)
Business Development ManagerMrs A Miles
Senior Finance OfficerMr M Macey BA (Thames)
Payroll ManagerMrs L Croucher
Finance OfficerMrs K Apps
Finance ApprenticeMrs E Clarke
Human Resources ManagerMrs N Callingham Assoc CIPD
Senior Human Resources OfficerMrs K Nicholls
Human Resources ApprenticeVacant
Data Manager and Clerk to the GovernorsMrs K Douglas
Data Protection ManagerMrs S Marsh
Cover and Inclusion ManagerMs S Dale CMIOSH ACIEH
Study ManagersMrs M Marchetti
 Mrs H Rummery

Curriculum Support

Examinations Manager

Mrs J Jupp

Curriculum Administrator

Mrs N Badham

Student Services Officer

Ms S Pattenden

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Mrs K Taylor

Attendance Officer KS3 & KS4

Mr D Lee

CAF Co-ordinator

Mrs J Ross-Smith


Mrs N Adams

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss V English

School Counsellor

Mrs L Janion  BACP, BA Hons (Luton) Ad Dip


School Receptionist

Mrs S Phillips

Knowledge Information Communication Centre

KICC Manager

Miss D Haywood

KICC Co-ordinators

Mrs S Ellis


Mrs K Trapp


Learning Systems Manager

Mr M Vincer

System Administrator

Mr M Lee

Helpdesk Manager

Mr L Welsh

Web Designer

Mr T Mitchell

 ICT Technician

Mr M Green

 ICT Technician

Mr L Knight

ICT Apprentice

Mr R Webb

Media Centre

Media and E-Learning Manager

Mrs S Williams

Media Centre and Communications Assistant

Miss C Douglas BA Hons (OU)

Media Centre Technician

Mr C Pierce

Uniform Shop

Retail Services Manager

Mrs J Ali

Caretaking Staff

Facilities ManagerMr V Riedy MBIFM, IOSH, ACIPS
Assistant CaretakerMr J Dunster
Assistant Caretaker/Crossing PatrolMr J Fillery
Evening CaretakersMr J Farrell
 Mr C Sargeant
Assistant Caretaker/MaintenanceMr D Faulkner
Assistant Maintenance TechniciansMr J Bannister
 Mr D Duke
Site TechniciansMr B Croucher
 Mr A Brown
CaretakerMr J Catt

Ground Staff

Grounds personMr S Brown