Year 7 Work

YEAR 7 WORK for 22nd and 23rd OCTOBER

Work for all students in Year 7 can be found in the file below and focuses on English, Maths and Science. As we know that students work at different rates, please use the following as a guide to the amount of work that should be completed:

  • It is recommended that students spend between three and five hours working each day.

  • Students should undertake the tasks set carefully and to the best of their ability and avoid rushing just to get through them.

  • If students have spent more than five hours working they should not feel that they have to complete all tasks set.

  • If the work set is not sufficient to fill the time available there will be suggestions for further tasks that provide an opportunity for wider reading and development.

Should you have any questions about access to the work, please contact Discovery College in the first instance who will be able to direct your enquiry appropriately.

Year 7 work for 22nd & 23rd October – General Guidance document