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Teacher Subject Specialism Training programme 2018-19

Looking to add another subject string to you bow? Thinking of returning to teaching after a period of absence?

The Homewood School Teacher Subject Specialism Training programme 2018-19 will soon be recruiting for mathematics and MFL French.

For more details contact Mr P Hanson at p.hanson@homewood.kent.sch.uk

Dear Parents and Carers

Headteachers across the country are increasingly concerned about the level at which the Government is funding our schools. We are also concerned about some of the misleading information the Department for Education has been putting out about education funding. We have been working together to raise our concerns in advance of the Autumn budget statement. You may be aware that approximately 2000 Headteachers went to London on 28 September to present their concerns at Westminster. Today we are all sending out the same letter to our parents to provide an update regarding the issues we are raising with the Government.

Please read the letter and help us work together to ensure that the children and young people in our schools receive the funding they deserve.

Thank you.

Sally Lees

School Closed

Homewood School is currently closed, students return to school on Monday 29th October 2018

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre aims to provide a vibrant world class learning experience. We work as a team, learning in partnership with each other and the wider community. We provide flexible learning opportunities and have high aspirations for all.

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