Wider Influences

I-College working within TST and TRA

Curiosity Club is now embedded in Year 7 as well as in Years 5 and 6 of our partner primaries…it really builds on independent learning skills and is unique because it empowers the learner and enables them to exercise choice.  Students undertake challenges (from a selection of hundreds!) as they choose their own journey through 3000 years of history. They travel along and hop between lines that represent Science, Culture, Rights, Sport, Nature and History. There are literally thousands of possible routes they could choose. Challenges are returned in a wide variety of formats; videos, news reports, technical diagrams, model making and even as written work! They are assessed either in school or off site for their content and pupil progress is then recorded and monitored in a custom built database that allows teacher reporting on the individual child and the choices they have made.

Charity Partnerships are enjoyed such as the Big Cats Sanctuary in Smarden – our students will be working with our Partner Primaries to fund raise and build their enterprise skills This will be led by Sixth Form students on a “Teach Early” programme.

Support and work with Partner Primaries – Due to our flexibility we are able to offer our facilities and student peer support for afternoon activities, this has in turn helped build “I-Learning” into the Key Stage 2 curriculum.