Coaching and Growth Mindset

Learning Coaches are crucial members of the I-College teaching team.  They are assigned students and they meet once every 2-3 weeks.  Their objectives are:

  • To Support the students in self reflection and target setting – various tools and techniques are used and adapted to suit the needs of the student.
  • Facilitating students in their planning and time-management – sometimes this may be to plan a students diary for the week or to review deadlines coming up.
  • Using questioning techniques to enable to students to take responsibility for their own learning and progress – We also have these questions stuck up around I-College to support the development of this culture – such as “is this my best work?”, “what could I do to improve my work?”
  • Students hold themselves accountable for their own targets – This is enabled because the students set these targets for themselves in the first place, such ownership supports accountability.
  • The learning coaches also Monitor work rate and quality of outcomes.
  • They Co-ordinate interventions or support as needed.

Coaching prompts intrinsic motivation and enthusiasm for learning – Constant review and self reflection together with celebration of success and personal accountability powerfully encourage learners to do it for themselves.

Enrichment Opportunities

Due to our workshop time and student planning our students are able to enjoy enhanced opportunities, these bring learning to life and allow students to build strong life, employability and interpersonal skills including:

  • National Science Studies and Programmes such as Slug it, MELT and Genome Deciders
  • Entrepreneurship Course – For 3 years now we have sent our Year 10 students to Dublin and Barcelona to take part in a Two Week Entrepreneurship Course through Erasmus Funding.
  • Our PE teachers use the student independent learning skills to enhance PE sessions with individual Fitness Planning.

In PSHRE we follow the Compulsory curriculum but also have developed a programme to suit our needs addressing learning how we learn best and allowing students’ opportunities to independently explore issues.

Student Leadership

Year 10 Peer Mentors are allocated to Year 7 and 9, they take this role very seriously and the younger students can often be found seeking out their Peer Mentor when they need them.

We have a Senior and Junior Head Boy and Girl in Year 10 and a Junior Head Boy and Girl in Year 7. As Head Boy and Girl, they represent I-college at Open events such as open evening or taking visitors on tours.

Students are encouraged to suggest and run with ideas that they may have with many organising initiatives to fund raise or improve their learning opportunities.