Homewood Admissions


Homewood School Admissions are run in conjunction with the Kent County Council, through the Co-Ordinated Admissions process.

For parents applying for a year 7 place for their child, a Supplementary form must be completed and returned to the Admissions Officer. This is in addition to the Secondary Common Application Form that the KCC requires. For all other year admissions please contact the Admissions Officer.

Please click the link below to find additional school admissions information on Kent County Council’s website:


Homewood Assessment Day

Homewood’s Assessment Day will be held on Saturday 23rd November 2019.  All students who are applying for a place in Year 7 are expected to attend this assessment.  The tests consist of Literacy, Numeracy and a general assessment of ability. Please note this is NOT an entrance test – it is simply a way of determining the best groups for your child to join when they start at the school in Year 7. The performance in the test is a possible pathway towards the Grammar Plus Stream.

Please confirm your child’s attendance by completing the online registration form at the following address: https://bit.ly/2VAAaoH

Homewood Assessment Day Information Letter: Download PDF | Download Word


For all enquiries, please contact our Admissions office via email or phone:

Admissions September 2020

Further to KCC allocation letters received by parents schools must be notified whether parents wish to accept or decline the school place offered by 16th March 2020. Re-allocation of vacant places by the KCC takes place in early April and parents will be notified if they have been successful.

Appeals Timetable 2020

  • August 2020 entry
  • Offer – 2nd March 2020
  • Appeals lodged by 27th March 2020
  • Appeals to be heard by 16th June 2020

For all other in year admissions please contact the Admissions Officer.

Admission Policy 2020 & Supplementary form – Word version | PDF version