St Michael’s Primary School students stand up for education

St Michael’s Primary School students stand up for education

Year 6 children at St Michael’s Church of England Primary School have been writing speeches on the value of education as part of their “Reaching Out” topic.

Here is an example of one of the excellent speeches that have been written which we thought was well worth sharing:-

Standing For Education

“Could you ever imagine a world without education? You wouldn’t be able to do maths, write a story, you could even struggle to write your own name. Did you know that 9 out of 10 children in Somalia can’t attend school?

“Most children think school is boring, and a waste of time. They would rather be playing video games in their room. Although you shouldn’t think of school like that. Some children don’t even get an education. Now before you go off thinking “Wow, they’re lucky” or “I wish I was them” let me tell you something: never take school for granted. Let me list the reasons why you should get an education. Education can help you get a better career which can help get you a better job which can help get more money so you can get a home and food to help your family. You could also pass down your knowledge to younger generations. And school is one of the only places you can socialise and make friends.

“We need to help children all over the world to get an education, not only that, they need a school to socialize with people. They need friends. Who will be president when adults get too old? We will. Who will join the NHS and save lives? We will. Who will take care of you when you’re retiring? We will. Who will purify our rivers and oceans? We will. Who will bring light where there is only darkness, hope where there is only despair, and peace where there is only war? We will. But how? How on Earth do you expect all of this? When only half of us are educated. This is why we need you. We need already educated generations to pass down their knowledge

“Many children out there are struggling to live, they need a life, a life with education, a life that we all deserve. Together, we can build a community. A community to save these children. They deserve a life like everyone else. Too many children are involved with child labour. This isn’t fair for them. This isn’t fair for their families. This isn’t fair for us to just sit back and watch. So join the thousands raising money to buy a school. Charities need your help, we need help. They need your help. So please, help us to give these children an education.

“Over 2 billion children in this world don’t have an education, we have to scream at the top of our lungs. We have to. As one, we are weak, but together, as a community, we are stronger than ever.

“So, could you ever imagine a world without education? Because I can’t.”