Sports Leadership Programme restarts at Homewood

Sports Leadership Programme restarts at Homewood

As COVID restrictions continue to ease, many additional school activities are resuming, including important student development initiatives. Below, Homewood Year 8 student Niamh, describes her excitement at being involved in this year’s Sports Leadership Programme:

“Toward the end of the most recent lockdown, I got an email saying that I was one of the 10 people chosen to be a part of the Sports Leadership Programme.  The programme teaches children different sport skills and also how to lead other people in sports. We will get the opportunity to go into primary schools, for example, and lead their PE lessons. I was over the moon as I love anything to do with sports. Unfortunately, as we were not in school, we weren’t able to meet with anyone yet. We were doing most of our work over our computers and then we went back to school.

“We met each other for the first time one lunch time for about five minutes. Some of us already knew each other but this was the first time we had been together in one place. I could already tell from the jokes and the laughs that we were going to have so much fun!

“Our first session was great! We all got to know each other better and we played some really funny games. We did some trust exercises and by the end we all felt much more comfortable with each other. We were laughing for the entire session and overall it was a really good experience.

“We have recently been taught different leadership qualities and how to utilise those in a session with younger children, for example.  Over the past couple of weeks, each of us has been planning a demonstration of a sport to teach to our fellow leaders. We needed to have clear instructions, engaging drills and be able to help and give feedback to others. As me and my friend are also on the netball team, we decided to teach them the different passes and how to use them in a game. We then finished off with a drill that we created ourselves. I cannot wait to be taught even more skills by my other leaders!

“Altogether, I am so grateful to have been selected out of so many people to be able to have this amazing opportunity. I cannot wait to increase my knowledge of different sports and to develop my skills even further.  I am excited to learn leadership qualities and to make so many fun memories with people who love sport just as much as I do!”