TST Small School expansion at Homewood

TST Small School expansion at Homewood

Friday 5 June 2020: Over the last 11 weeks, the Tenterden Schools Trust Small School has been catering safely and successfully for the children of key workers and vulnerable children with specific needs on the Homewood School site.

Whilst continuing with this important provision, we are now gradually expanding the TST Small School to cater for more children. This will start initially with Year 6 students from our three primary schools – Tenterden Junior School, St Michael’s and Rolvenden – from Monday 8 June, to be followed in the coming weeks by Homewood students from Years 10 and 12.

Numbers will be dependent on take-up by parents, many of whom are choosing to keep their children at home. High quality remote learning and support is already in place for all those students who will be continuing to work at home.

Plans for other year groups, including Reception and Year 1, are still under consideration.

Expansion will necessarily be careful, slow and based on regular review, as the health and wellbeing of both our staff and our students are of paramount importance.