Important Message from the CEO

Important Message from the CEO

In response to the Government announcements regarding the Covid-19 virus, all Tenterden Schools Trust schools are now closed until further notice.  Provision has been made on the Homewood school site for the supervision of TST children whose parents are key workers, children who have an EHCP and children who have an allocated social worker, where provision cannot be made for these children to stay at home.

I would like to express my immense gratitude to the TST school staff, leadership teams and Headteachers who are overseeing this provision and ensuring that frontline workers can continue to carry out their essential roles in this crisis.

All other pupils have been provided with work to carry out at home and this will be continually monitored and updated.  Full details about how to access this work have been sent to parents by the individual schools.  Parents have also been informed who to contact if they have any concerns.

It has been confirmed that no public exams will take place this summer.  Students will still receive grades and we are awaiting further information as to how these will be determined.  We will be communicating with all our exam students once we have this information. The resilience shown by our students facing this news has been quite amazing and I would like to reassure them all that we will do everything in our power to ensure that they receive fair recognition for the work they have done and that their future pathway is secured.

These are unprecedented times and everyone is working together to establish a very different way of providing an education for our children whilst keeping them and their families safe.  Thank you to everyone – parents, staff, members of the wider community and of course all our young people – for the part you are playing in making this work.
I wish all our families the very best as they negotiate these incredibly challenging times and assure you that your schools are still here to help and support in any way we can.

Sally Lees
CEO, Tenterden Schools Trust