Developer Redrow donates life-saving defibrillator

Developer Redrow donates life-saving defibrillator

The South East division at leading UK housebuilder Redrow has provided Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre with a dedicated defibrillator for its PE department. The life-saving equipment has been installed close to both indoor PE facilities and the new 3G pitch, and is donated in the memory of Homewood School pupil Ben Hammond who tragically died from an undiagnosed heart defect in 2016.

Homewood supports the charity Team Ben Hammond, which aims to raise money and awareness to support annual heart screenings for young people. A report from the British Heart Foundation states that there are on average 30,000 cardiac arrests outside of hospital per year. Retailing at around £1000, a defibrillator increases the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest by 10%, according to The British Heart Foundation, making it a vital piece of equipment.

Ben Fewsdale, Regional Director at Redrow South East, commented: “Defibrillators are critical life-saving equipment and it is astounding how many schools continue to not have one on site. Many are unaware that cardiac arrests can affect children. We are pleased to be lending our support providing a defibrillator for the PE department at Homewood School. Team Ben Hammond is such an important cause, and we are glad to be giving the charity more awareness by teaming up with Homewood School.”

Jeremy Single, Principal at Homewood School, commented: “I am extremely grateful to Redrow for their very kind donation of a defibrillator in memory of Homewood student Ben Hammond who tragically died in 2016.  The defibrillator will be located close to our main PE facilities and staff are due to be trained imminently in its use.  With cardiac arrests affecting so many young people, it is imperative that we are prepared in schools to deal with such medical emergencies.  We continue to support the charity ‘Team Ben Hammond’ with pride and will do everything possible to help raise money and awareness to support heart screenings for young people.”

Steve Hammond, Ben’s father, commented: “CRY’s figures show that every week in the UK at least 12 apparently fit and healthy young people die of undiagnosed heart conditions. We are grateful to Homewood School for their support since we lost our 15-year old son Ben to an undiagnosed heart condition. Until an hour before Ben passed away he was a normal, apparently fit, active and healthy boy with a love of the outdoors, riding his mountain bike and with a passion for farming. Our aim is to continue to fund at least three screening days per year and we already have three days booked for 2020.”

Team Ben Hammond have carried out five heart screening days since 2017 at Homewood school in Ben’s memory. Over those five days 472 young people between 14 & 35 years of age have been screened, 11 have been referred for further investigations and possible treatment and another five have had a letter sent to their GP to make them aware of conditions that may need following up in the future.

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