Information about Mobile Phones

Information about Mobile Phones

Dear Parents

Please may we take this opportunity to remind parents and students that all mobile telephones should be switched off and out of sight at all times from the moment students come onto school site in the morning until the end of the day.

If students feel that they need to make an emergency call this can be done via a college office. Similarly, if parents need to contact their child in an emergency, this can be done via the student’s college office.

The only time that mobile phones can be switched on and taken out of bags is if they are used to support learning in the classroom. In these circumstances teachers must give explicit permission for students to access and switch on their phone. Students must always enter classrooms with mobile phones switched off and out of sight.

From Monday 4th November- If a mobile phone is either seen by a member of staff or if it is switched on without staff permission being given, then a lunch study referral will be issued to the student by the staff member concerned.

We would be grateful if you would talk with your son or daughter about these procedures before the start of next term.

Many thanks