CEO’s Welcome

CEO’s Welcome

Welcome to the Tenterden Schools Trust web-site.  I have the privilege of being the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust.  Having been a Headteacher for the last fifteen years, most recently as the Principal of Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre for nine years, it is a great joy for me to be leading this group of schools in and around the town of Tenterden.  It has always made sense to me that we should be thinking about a young person’s education as a continual process from infancy to adulthood rather than a set of separate steps through nursery, infant, junior and secondary schools.  In the Tenterden Schools Trust we have the great opportunity to plan together a genuine 0-19 learning journey for the young people in our Trust.  Of course, everything we learn from that goes on to benefit all the students who join Homewood School at age 11, whether or not they have been in one of our Trust schools prior to joining us.

So our schools work together to plan the learning that our children will experience, both in the subjects they study in the classroom and in their wider experiences of school.

Our annual Community Arts event is a great example of this – all our young people working together with each other and with their local community groups to produce fantastic art work which is displayed around the town of Tenterden in July.

Our pupils and staff learn together and they learn from each other.  Our teachers share opportunities for training and development and gain an understanding of what and how children are learning before and after they pass through their hands.

We get to know our children and families so moving from one school to the next is so much easier for them.

Learning is at the heart of what we can achieve together.  This is supported by working together to maximise our resources so that we can be sure as much money as possible is going to the teaching and learning that is happening in our schools.

We will keep our web-site updated with all the news about what is happening in our Trust and I will provide a regular “CEO’s blog” to let you know what we are doing.

We love building connections with our local community, so if there is anything you think you could do to support the Trust or if there is anything you think our students and pupils could help you with, please do let us know.  Contact Alison on

We also have some great facilities which are open to the community for hire.  All the information is on the web-site.  Contact Philippa on if you are interested.

Sally Lees

CEO, Tenterden Schools Trust

September 2019