Stagecoach 292 from Lydd via Rye, Peasmarsh and Northiam

Stagecoach 292 from Lydd via Rye, Peasmarsh and Northiam

Parents will be aware that there have been problems with students unable to get on the 292 as the bus is full. This has mainly been a morning problem, as the school has endeavoured to manage the afternoon, although there was a difficulty last Monday.

This matter has been reported by the school as being of some concern to both Stagecoach and KCC. A number of parents have also complained to the school and to Stagecoach and we would urge you to direct these to the numbers and email addresses noted below. We fully understand parental concerns regarding this crowded bus and are very sorry that, as the bus is full most days, some students have to stand. Stagecoach are rightly keeping to the limits for students on the bus and it is important to note that the students are counted as they enter the bus. However, it is acknowledged that on some occasions, students have not been able to get on the bus and that it is full as it reaches Northiam in the morning.

As Northiam and all of the prior stops are in East Sussex, the situation is more complex as KCC are not the only council involved and responsibility sits with East Sussex county council as well. The latest news we have is that the two councils are discussing the matter. We will continue to put pressure on Stagecoach and the councils for a resolution but any support from parents in this respect is much appreciated.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and support. It is important that together we continue to press for a solution.

Stagecoach – Maria Hedington on 01227 812400

KCC – Steve Benjamin on 03000 414571 –


East Sussex County Council – 0345 608 0194 (buses). Please see website for on line email submission under education or public transport.