Homewood School featured in new book by top education writer

Homewood School featured in new book by top education writer

To anyone involved in education, the name of Ross Morrison McGill aka TeacherToolkit is very well known. He is a best-selling author of a range of books about education and is a strong and influential presence on social media. He is considered one of the most influential thinkers in education currently.

Today (5 September) his latest book “Just Great Teaching” has been published and Tenterden’s local secondary school, Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre is one of the ten schools across the country Ross has chosen to showcase in his book. Following two visits to the school over the last academic year, Ross has identified the school as one which has great strength in providing a curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning which meets the needs of all students. As a wide ability school in a selective area, Homewood has always championed a curriculum which challenges the most able students and provides a viable alternative to a grammar school whilst ensuring that students of all abilities and interests thrive – its aim is to be a truly inclusive school.  To have this ambition recognised and championed by such an influential educationalist is a great honour for the school and the community it serves.

One aspect of the provision at Homewood which Ross has identified as particularly innovative and effective is the school’s I-College which provides an approach to learning tailored to students who work best when given greater levels of independence in learning than they may get in standard classroom environment. Kate Farrell, Director of I-College, was a 2018 Silver Award winner in the Pearson Teacher of the Year Awards because of her work in setting up and leading the I-College.

Sally Lees, previously Principal of Homewood School and now CEO of the Tenterden Schools Trust which includes Homewood School, is on the panel at the book launch in London on Saturday.  She will be interviewed by Ross as part of the launch event and will explain to the invited audience how Homewood uses its curriculum and its approach to teaching and learning to deliver a truly inclusive education for all.

Reference: “Just Good Teaching” by Ross Morrison McGill. Published by Bloomsbury.

Sally Lees

CEO, Tenterden Schools Trust