Examination Season 2019

Examination Season 2019

As you may know Year 11 students have recently been given a summary of the grades they achieved in the latest mock exams. This process is the start of the run up to the main external examination season and gives them an idea of what things will look and feel like in August when the real results are published. The results are not a prediction of what they will achieve in the real thing so it is not too late to build on these. With hard work and careful preparation between now and the exams students should be aiming to achieve a minimum of one grade higher than the mock results.

School will continue for all Year 11 students either with normal lessons, a programme of compulsory exam preparation activities or the exams themselves until Friday 14th June following the final Science exam. However, some afternoon sessions are compulsory only for students preparing for certain subjects. Those not taking subjects in these sessions can use the time to organise their own study in rooms provided at school or, if they wish, at home. Throughout the examination period (until 14th June) students will need to attend morning registration with their tutor and thumbprint as normal both as they arrive at school and before they enter an afternoon session. A detailed schedule of all of these activities can be found in the examinations section of the school website.

All students are required to wear school uniform whilst in school (including exams) throughout the period up to and including Friday 14th June. On Friday 14th June there will be a celebration event following the final Science exam. On this date, students can use the opportunity to sign each other’s shirts if they wish.

With regard to the exams themselves, all students have now received an individual candidate timetable and a copy of the main exam timetable is available on the school’s website should you need to check any details. Students must be ready to enter the exam room by 9.00am for morning sessions or 1.15pm for the afternoon. Exams will START at 9.15am and 1.30pm.

Please consult the Student Handbook 2018-2019 which is on the school’s website for essential information on what to do before and during an exam including what to bring and, particularly, what NOT to bring in order to avoid disqualification from the award. Note that there is a blanket ban on smart watches which, like mobile phones, cannot be taken into an exam room. Students must wear school uniform through the exam season and ensure that they arrive at each exam with the right equipment. The Student Handbook also contains instructions on what to do if a student is unable to attend.

For those who live in or to the north and east of Ashford I would also ask you to consider the possible impact of a no deal Brexit on the ability of students to get to school. Should this scenario arise during the exam period it is likely that journey times will be significantly affected but exam board regulations mean that it will not be possible to delay the start times of the exams. Consider possible alternatives such as a student staying with a trusted friend or relative living nearer the school or away form the likely traffic hotspots around Ashford and the M20.

Please also be aware that some students will finish afternoon exams after the end of the normal school day. As a result, students who normally rely on school coaches and buses to get home may need to arrange alternative transport. This will particularly affect those with exams on a Wednesday afternoon or who have extra time. Could I ask you to check carefully to identify whether or not this will affect your son/daughter and to consider an alternative means of transport should this be necessary.

Details for the collection of results from the School in August can also be found in the examinations section of the website.  GCSE and equivalent results will be available from 9.30am on Thursday 22nd August in the Sports Hall.

It goes without saying that the most successful results are gained with hard work and careful preparation. There is a range of guidance available for this on the school website if you have not already seen it. Please do continue to encourage your son/daughter to work at this as there is still time to make an impact and I wish them every success during this busy time.

Yours sincerely

S A Pusey

Vice Principal


Letter to Year 11 Parents – PDF

Year 11 Exam Season Schedule 2019 – PDF