Wintry Weather

Wintry Weather

Dear Parent

We note the wintry weather forecast for tomorrow, and would like to take this opportunity to remind you all about our procedures in case of extremely poor weather. The Homewood School website at should be the first port of call and will contain information if there is disruption to the normal school arrangements. You can also check the status of the school by going to which we will keep updated.

We take the closure of the school extremely seriously and will only close on grounds of student, parent and staff safety and welfare. We do not expect this tomorrow, but please bear this information in mind throughout the winter period.

In the event that the school is closed, please ask your son/daughter to keep a close eye on Google Classroom where they can use this opportunity to catch up on any homework or coursework that needs completing, revision tasks for Year 11 (the mock exams are in the first week back after the break) or additional tasks set by departments to help use the time well.

Yours sincerely

Sally Lees