PSHRE and Assembly Programme

PSHRE and Assembly Programme

Re: PSHRE and Assembly Programme

On 7th February and 14th February all students will attend an assembly run by Ashford Police. The assemblies are a preventative initiative delivered to all Ashford Secondary Schools and Youth provisions between 4th & 24th February. The assemblies will cover Gangs/County Lines, Knife Crime and Peer Pressure.

As I am sure you are all aware, there has been a national increase in the prevalence of Knife Crime and Gang Culture and the assemblies are put together to make young people aware of the signs and how to report concerns if they are worried, either about themselves or others.

These assemblies form a vital part of the school’s PSHRE programme. Students have already received a drugs education input earlier in the year and at some point in the near future, as part of the above programme, it is highly likely that the school will be visited by ‘drugs sniffer dogs.’ This initiative has been utilised successfully in previous years.

Finally, in the summer term all students will be following our annual sex and relationships education programme during PSHRE sessions. Topics covered last year were:

Year 7 Healthy relationships and puberty

Year 8 Body image, FGM and contraception

Year 9 Healthy relationships, contraception, STIs and the law

Year 10 Pregnancy and sexuality

Year 11 Healthy relationships and diversity/sexuality

Sex and relationships education (SRE) is now a compulsory part of a school’s PSHRE programme but if you, as a parent, are concerned about the course please write to your child’s Head of College in the first instance.

I hope that your son or daughter gains valuable insight from the provisions outlined above.

Yours sincerely,

S J Lees