Mr Doodle Strikes Again!

Mr Doodle Strikes Again!

Mr Doodle visited his old school again this term having just returned from Seoul, South Korea following a major solo exhibition of his work. The reason behind his visit was to create a spectacular mural, transforming a space in C block which connects the classrooms in which he spent much of his time as a Graphics student. Over a four day period, he worked tirelessly in order to cover all of the walls from floor to ceiling with his recognisable black and white doodles, attracting the attention of many students all keen to meet him in person.

The project was organised by his old teacher, Mr Davies, who wanted to make the area outside the two Graphics classrooms a more inspirational space, capturing the imagination of students as they enter the building on their way to lessons. Mr Davies commented, ‘It seemed quite fitting asking Mr Doodle to create the mural. He is a perfect role model for our current students and an excellent example of what can be achieved with the right attitude and dedication.’

Since leaving the school in 2012, Mr Doodle has built a reputation as one of the country’s most prominent street artists. His work is often seen in and around London as well as more locally in Tenterden and Ashford. He has also created art work for many international brands such as MTV, JD Sports, Converse, New Look and Sony. He has recently been made an ambassador for Samsung where his distinctive illustration style is used to publicise their latest technological product releases. Over the past few years, his artwork has taken him to many countries including: Germany, Holland, Dubai, America and South Korea.

Despite his successful career and widespread acclaim, Mr Doodle is always happy to take time out from his busy schedule to give back to his old school. He regularly returns to work in the art department, offering advice and encouragement to students of all ages.

To see more of Mr Doodle’s work visit his website at or keep up with his daily doodles on Instagram @mrdoodle.