Mr Doodle Returns to Homewood!

Mr Doodle Returns to Homewood!

Sam Cox, a.k.a. Mr Doodle is returning to his old school next week to work with Mr Davies and the Graphics Department in order to create a large scale mural on the ground floor of C block, a space which connects the two graphics classrooms where he studied Graphics as a student himself.

He will be working on it throughout the school day and during next weeks Open Evening and engaging with pupils, staff and visitors about his work and life as an illustrator.

The mural will celebrate creativity and brighten up this space within the school. It will hopefully inspire many of our current pupils and become a permanent reminder of past students success.

Mr Doodle’s international popularity has grown at an exceptional rate over the past few years and he has just held his first major solo exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. Past and current clients include Samsung, Sony, JD Sports and MTV. New Look have even developed a Mr Doodle clothing range and he has published a large number of Mr Doodle colouring in books.

Sam has over a million Instagram followers and is recognised everywhere he goes – I suppose it is hard to ignore him in his black and white Doodle suit! Fame and success aside he is still very much the humble, generous and well mannered young man he always was and regularly returns to Homewood to give back to the staff, students and community.