Holocaust Survivor

Holocaust Survivor

On Thursday 19th April, a group of year 8 students and sixth form had the privilege of attending a talk by Harry Bribing, a survivor of the Holocaust and the Kindertransport. Harry told the students the story of his life in Austria under German occupation and the restrictions and suffering he and his family endured before he was able to escape to England.

His talk was powerful and moving, and bought the history and suffering of those affected by persecution to life for the students. Harry works with the Holocaust Education Trust, an organisation which provides training and education about the Holocaust with the aim of preventing further atrocities as those witnessed during the Second World War.

Our students hugely benefitted from this experience which supported the Holocaust topic that they have been studying.

“The way the survivor explained the events leading up to the eventual persecution was really powerful and I gained a much better understanding of what happened and how it built up to the final situation. The survivor lost his parents and younger sister in the Holocaust – I felt privileged to hear him talk about his very personal experiences.” Millie.

“I thought it was interesting and I learnt about how Hitler treated the Jews. I found it very emotional hearing about his experiences”. Poppy